We empower community banks by providing transparent pricing and cutting edge technology to the portfolio management process.


Community Banks have been making multi-million dollar decisions with no guidance on price for decades. Technology has assisted the larger bank buyers to substantially lower their portfolio transaction costs. However, these resources are expensive to implement for most community banks. Not only does Checkpoint Capital provide transparent pricing, we transform the entire portfolio management process to enable you to compete with your largest competitors. There is a reason your larger bank competitors dedicate vast resources to the investment process. Checkpoint Capital implements large buyer technology and sophistication to the community bank portfolio process.



Institutional investing without transparency and dedicated resources can be costly to the untrained eye. As a community banker, your time is limited and your focus is on your customers. With only a small portion of your time spent on investments, community banks are vulnerable to many market factors with commission sales. With Checkpoint, we ensure that our interests are aligned, so you are prepared when investments are a priority. Vulnerability to unfavorable pricing and product selection are filtered through our process.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? Checkpoint instantly gives your bank a competitive advantage. Imagine having a dedicated portfolio management department working for your bank. With direct institutional relationships, we are able to bypass several steps of the investment process without the pressure of commission sales. All with full transparency to the customer.